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Why Do I Need a Disaster Survival Kit?

Why Do I Need a Disaster Survival Kit?

The number of weather, geological, and man made disasters has been on the rise recently, and televised coverage of the stories, such as Hurricane Katrina, or the Haiti Earthquake, is everywhere. Witnessing victims in distress has had more and more people making smart decisions about planning in advance and having basic supplies in place to survive such disasters. Taking care of yourself and your family at a time where food, clean water, healthcare, and modern amenities are in short supply is a high priority.

In the modern world, a damaged infrastructure--resulting in power outages--affects nearly everything we do on a daily basis. It is important that we have a way to nourish, hydrate, or treat ourselves for injury in a disaster. Preparing survival kits for yourself and your family in advance is extremely important to you and to your state of well being no matter what the circumstances may be.

In a normal life scenario, being prepared for a social event, a job interview, or filing taxes on time requires planning. Doing so in a timely fashion eliminates the stress of trying to construct what you need to beat a deadline. The same should be applied to unplanned emergencies, such as a tornado, terrorist attack, or a wildfire.

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At the least, people should equip themselves with a Disaster Survival Kit to sustain themselves and their family unit for 72 hours. It will allow time for the authorities to organize disaster relief efforts.

When purchasing a survival kit, or assembling one from components that can be ordered from a reputable supplier, you should follow an outline that includes everything you need for survival in your geographic area. Apart from basic human needs, you must ensure that you will be able to cope in extreme conditions in your area, such as bitter cold or excessive heat. Proper clothing and the ability to make fire to keep warm, or having sunscreen and portable shelter as not to be affected by the sun's rays and heat stroke, is all part of the equation.

Disaster strikes when we least expect it. Therefore, have the kit prepared at all times and readily available. Ensure that your kit is made up of items with a long shelf life and apply to the immediate needs of you and your family. Make it portable in case you need to leave your residence or shelter, and be ahead of the situation should one arise.