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Water Purification Tablets And Filter Straws

There are times when we will not be able to depend upon the availability of clean water. Disasters or emergencies can disrupt the infrastructure, and if electric power is out, there will be no water. Likewise, if you are camping or hiking, you will not be able to take along all the water you will need on your outing – it is simply too heavy to carry a large quantity. However, there are some easy ways to provide clean water for you and your family inside or out. These will assure that no one will get sick from drinking contaminated water. Water purification tablets and filter straws can both provide a short term answer to possible water borne diseases. (Cont/ below...)

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Water Purification Tablets

When you are unable to get water through your usual means, either because of a disruption in the electric service or if you are hiking or camping, you will need to purify the water you come upon before drinking it. While the mountain stream plunging down before you may look crystal clear, it can still contain hazardous pathogens that can make you extremely ill. Wild animals can leave droppings near the stream that will leach into the water, and these can contain bacteria, viruses, or protozoa that can cause disease. And, once your emergency water supply in the home is exhausted, you will need to find an alternate source of water, one that will probably be questionable.

Water purification tablets come in two basic varieties: those based on iodine, and those based on chlorine. Both of these products will leave a taste in the water, so be aware that there are additional Water purification tablets available that will help to remove the flavor of iodine or chlorine. When choosing between them, make sure that you understand that chlorine while chlorine will remove most bacteria and viruses, it will not reliably destroy giardia, you will need iodine based tablets for that.

Besides tablets, many Water purification products are available as powder or granules, which can make them easier to use. Just be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging to make certain that the water has been purified before use. Usually one tablet will purify one quart of water. The shelf life of many of these products is relatively short, so you will have to rotate in order to be able to have a reliable supply.

Filter Straws

Filter straws are an excellent way to provide clean water regardless of where you are. They are simple to use and you only have to lower the straw into the water and drink as you would with any ordinary straw. If you are looking for a filter straw that will remove nearly 100% of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, cysts, and pollutants, you might want the Seychelle Pure Water Filter Straw (Advanced). Several other filter straws will also deliver good water, but the Seychelle seems to be the best. Filter straws will purify between 20 and 25 gallons of water before they need to be replaced. These straws are small and lightweight and easy to carry in a backpack or a pocket.

Water Preserver

Without treatment your long term water storage needs to be dumped and rotated every 6 months to ensure it is safe to consume. Bleach is commonly used to help preserve water however this is an industrial product which is not tested, approved or recommended for this use. The Water Preserver solution has undergone 12 years of extensive testing and is registered and licensed by the federal and state EPA (Environmental protection agency) to specifically extend the life of the water you are storing.

It’s stabilized and PH balanced formula works to kill existing bacteria, virus, mould and fungus and prevent them from developing in your containers. It is best to use in new (unused), blow moulded, rigid, all plastic containers made of virgin polyethylene resin and can sanitize up to 55 gallons of water.

Potable Aqua – Germicidal Tablets

Including the Potable Aqua tablets in your emergency plan will give you another effective and reliable method to producing water in a crisis.

Potable Aqua tablets were developed by the U.S Military during World War II and is still in use today. This treatment is popular with relief organizations, the armed forces, travellers and outdoors enthusiasts because they are so easy to distribute and vastly reduce instances of water borne illness.

The tables employ an iodine based formula to sanitize water and make it suitable for drinking within 30 minutes of treatment. The tablets use two forms of iodine - iodine (I2) and hypoiodous acid (HIO). Both forms are effective germicidal compounds that break down the cell wall of a microorganism, rendering it inactive and therefore making the water safe to drink.

Simply drop two tablets into 1 litre/1 quart of water, after 5 minutes shake the container vigorously so that some water washes over the lid and threads at the opening of your bottle. This is to ensure that all micro-organisms living in the lid will be killed. Wait a further 30 minutes and the water is good to drink. The sealed bottle will last in your survival kit for up to four years and will produce 25 quarts (or litres) of safe drinking water.

H2O Survival Water Filter Straw

The survival straw is a compact device that employs an 11 stage filtration process to remove almost 100% of common water contaminants. The system removes sediments, pollutants as well as micro-organisms producing a clear, clean and pleasant tasting drink. As the name suggests you can drink directly from the straw, or alternatively insert into a drink bottle.

Over the straw’s lifetime you will produce 530 Gallons or 2000 litres of safe water which make it the perfect accessory to carry with you at all times to provide a reliable source of clean drinkable water. Don’t just store this wonderful product away for an emergency, make sure to include it when enjoying outdoor persists, travelling or to simply improve the quality of your everyday drinking water.