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A personal safe adds an extra layer of protection for your personal belongings. Part of preparing for the worst is covering all possible situations and a safe can help safeguard against the possibility of theft or fire. Whether you have a nest egg of cash, important documents, family heirlooms or other treasures, you want to be confident that your storage choice can hold up to certain situations.

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UL 30-Minute Fire Document Chest UL 30-Minute Fire Document Chest

UL classified, with convenient carry handle, this safe provides 30 minutes of fire protection, up to 1550 degrees F

Price: $45.99
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Water-Resistant-1 Hour Steel Fire & Security Safe Water-Resistant-1 Hour Steel Fire & Security Safe

Safe features a double steel wall and 0.5 cu ft of storage.

Price: $209.99
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Burglary protection

You protect your home by locking the doors, installing security lights and perhaps alarming your home. A security safe is the next logical step to protect your valuables and sensitive documents from thieves. A safe can act as a deterrent as they are cumbersome and difficult to open. Generally burglars are looking for convenient and valuable items that are easy to carry and easy to access. Alternatively for extra protection against thieves you can secure a safe in place or conceal your safe in a wardrobe or cupboard.

Protection from the elements

Aside from break-ins, natural disasters or structure fires pose a great risk to your valuables. A safe with a fire rating is well worth the investment to protect important documents like passports or valuable items like family heirlooms. For protection against the elements, a smaller more lightweight safe is better for evacuation. Place your safe on the lowest floor of your home, or your basement to prevent it from falling through the floor in case of a fire.

The UL 30 minutes fire document chest protects your goods for up to 30 minutes against fires. House fires normally last about 20 minutes per room as fires move through the house so this safe is sufficient. UL rating is based on what type of material they can protect and for how long. This safe is heat resistant up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit and has 0.15 cubic feet of storage space so it’s ideal for storing personal documents either on paper or electronic. The inside will protect paper items and not exceed 350 degrees.

The water resistant 1-hour steel fire and security safe is larger with 0.5 cubic feet of storage. It is a double-steel walled safe that is resistant to both water and fire up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.

What about safety deposit boxes?

Safety deposit boxes have many benefits such as being held in a highly secure place. However the major drawback is accessibility – in case of emergencies you may lose access to your safety deposit box. Think about lock downs due to natural disaster, states of emergency or quarantines. Keep things on-hand in your home inside a personal safe for peace of mind.