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Food Bars - The Simplest Survival Rations

Mayday Survival Bars

Whether you are beginning to build up a supply of emergency food at home or are planning a camping or hiking expedition, survival bars are a good place to begin. Two of the most popular emergency survival bars are Mayday Survival Bars. These bars are a good way to provide adequate nutrition when your usual sources of food may not be available. They are also handy in an emergency since no cooking or other preparations are needed, they can be eaten right out of the package. The bars are packaged to be safe from light, moisture, and air, and have a shelf life of five years. These bars stay viable through a wide range of temperatures, and can be kept in the car as emergency rations on the road regardless of the season.

What Are These Bars Made Of?

Because keeping your energy levels high during an emergency is important, Mayday Emergency Survival Bars rely on carbohydrates to provide nutrition. However, the bars will supply 7 g of protein. Mayday bars rely upon enriched wheat flour for their main ingredient and also contain vegetable shortening, sugar, corn syrup, and various flavorings. These bars are vitamin fortified so that 100% of the minimum daily requirements are met.

Mayday bars are 100% nut free and can be eaten with confidence by anyone suffering from nut allergies.

How Do They Taste?

While it is true that you may not be able to be as fussy as regards food in an emergency situation, what you are going to eat still has to be palatable. Mayday bars are formulated to taste like apple cinnamon, and most will find them quite tasty.


These emergency survival bars come out of the package in a fairly dense brick. The larger bars are scored, so they can easily be broken into smaller servings. The texture is similar to a crumbly cookie.


Mayday bars are available in 400, 1200, 2400, and 3600 calorie sizes. The smaller size can mean convenience as you will not have to break up a large brick if only a small amount is needed. These bars can be purchased individually or by the case.