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Health, Sanitation and Hygiene

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Deluxe Hygiene Kit

Contains the basics to keep you going in an emergency.

Price: $4.99
Hygiene Kit

Very basic kit to keep you going.

Price: $1.99
Double Doodie Bag

Double Doodie Bag -- Contains Biogel.

Price: $3.79
Case of 500 Infectious Waste Bags

Each case comes with 500 Infectious Waste Bags to bag hazardous or infectious items.

Price: $86.99
Deluxe Privacy & Shower Room Deluxe Privacy & Shower Room

Free standing room can be used as restroom, changing room and/or shower stall.

Price: $85.99 Hygiene Bundle Hygiene Bundle

Our Hygiene Bundle contains the essentials for good hygiene during an emergency or survival situation.

Regular Price: $59.97 Portable Toilet Bundle Portable Toilet Bundle

Our Portable Toilet Bundle has everything you need for an emergency or survival situation.

Regular Price: $54.97

Water and sanitation is one of the primary drivers of public health. I often refer to it as "Health 101", which means that once we can secure access to clean water and to adequate sanitation facilities for all people, irrespective of the difference in their living conditions, a huge battle against all kinds of diseases will be won."

--Dr. Lee Jong-Wook, Director-General, World Health Organization.