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Fast, Easy, Delicious, and Nutritious Meals Ready to Eat

Fast, Easy, Delicious, and Nutritious Meals Ready To Eat

Meals ready to eat were originally developed as rations for soldiers in the field. The first ‘real’ MREs were made in 1963, but proved inadequate and were considered to taste fairly awful by those who had to eat them. Fortunately, great advances have been made since that time, and MREs are now tasty and nutritious. They are formulated now for different dietary needs, and there are MREs available even for those who are following a vegetarian diet. MREs have a shelf life of at least 3 years, and the individual product can be checked for its expiration date.

Emergency Rations

When you are making your disaster preparedness plans, be sure to include MREs in emergency food pantry. These will be great to use if the emergency is to be of a short duration, and can spare you opening larger amounts of supplies that will not be needed once the situation has returned to normal. These meals are easy to store and easy to break out when the electricity and gas are unavailable and it is impossible to cook normally. Some MREs even come with a package of ‘instant heat’ to warm the meal.

A MRE is designed to provide the needed calories for a day, and the meal generally consists of an appetizer, soup, main course, dessert, and a sweetened powder to add to water. Many MREs are vitamin fortified to help make sure that you get adequate nutrition every day. Easy to prepare (simply cut or tear open the packages) and with little or no cleanup, these meals are perfect for emergency situations.

Good Variety

No one wants to eat the same thing day after day, and MREs address this problem by providing a number of different menus to make sure that your diet stays interesting and varied. The meals can include meatballs with marinara sauce, beef stew, vegetable lasagna, pork sausage with gravy, buffalo chicken, and cheese tortellini, among others. The great variety will help to assure that you will never get bored with the meals, and there are enough different meals to make sure everyone in the family finds something that appeals to them.

New menus are being created all the time, too, so the variety of MREs available will continue to increase. MREs are also available for those who might need special diets, especially for religious reasons.


If you are planning a wilderness camping trip, you might well want to include MREs in your backpack. They are easy to carry and are a good way to provide meals while you are camping. Having these ready to eat meals along will free you from camp cooking chores, and they can also be convenient if you hit a spell of rainy weather and making a fire proves difficult or impossible. Also make sure to pack ample amount of water while camping. Dehydration can occur when you aren't even thinking about taking a drink of water.

And, although no one tries to get lost while camping or hiking, it often happens that this is just what occurs. If you have several MREs in your backpack, you will find it easy to keep up your strength and energy until you get back to your camp or find your way out.