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Emergency Shelter in Place

Emergency Shelter-In-Place

Different organizations have their own disaster preparedness procedures. If you are in school, at work, or in a government building at the time a disaster occurs then you may be required to shelter-in-place. Sometimes it is more dangerous to attempt to evacuate so staying where you are is the safest and most logical choice.

Shelter-in-place means to take temporary protection in a structure or vehicle. This does not include certified shelters such as the Red Cross. If you are at home and need to shelter-in-place then you are responsible for ensuring you are prepared. Schools, workplaces, and other organizations should have their own procedures.


Notification Procedures

  • Become familiar with your communities notification procedures during an emergency
  • Siren
  • Automated Community Notification via voice recording or text
  • Emergency Broadcast System via television or radio

During the Emergency

  • Make sure everyone is safely inside in the inner most part of the home or building, away from doors and windows if possible.
  • Secure doors and windows.
  • Stay informed by listening to the radio or TV.
  • Do not open windows and doors or go outside until you are notified that it is safe to do so.

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