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Emergency for People with Special Needs

There are many groups with special needs and even those who may not be considered special needs but may enter that category during the time of an incident. People who are otherwise healthy may become a part of this group by injury or change of health status. Military families have their own unique needs because of their tendency to relocate.

People with special needs need to create a support system and let people know where you keep important documents or medicine. Contact your local emergency management office to let them know what your needs are. Wear alert bracelets if possible. Have any payments made electronically if at all possible.


Visually impaired

Hearing impaired

Mobility impaired

Medical conditions

People without vehicles

Single working parent

Non English speaking

Intellectual disabilities

Special dietary needs

Emergency Lists

  • List of doctors, relatives and friends to notify
  • Extra batteries
  • Extra oxygen
  • Hearing aid batteries
  • Wheelchair batteries
  • Extra eyeglasses
  • List of medication and doses along with allergies
  • Style and serial numbers of equipment