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Emergency Food Supply Plan

Make A Plan

Prepare Your Family For Anything

Events of recent years have given all of us some warning about the changeability of circumstances. Terrorism attacks too everyone by surprise, and there is no way of knowing if, where, or when other attacks might occur. If power stations are targeted, the affected area could be without electricity for weeks.

Human made emergencies are not the other things we must worry about, however, Mother Nature has plenty of surprises in store for us as well. The recent earthquakes in Haiti and New Zealand point out how quickly circumstances can change. While there is often some warning when a hurricane is approaching, these too can disrupt normal life for days or weeks at a time. Wildfires, flooding, and tornadoes can all do their part to remind us that the world is not as stable as we suppose it to be.

Planning ahead of time for disasters and emergencies that might occur where you live is the best way to make sure that these occurrences will affect you and your family as lightly as possible. You should first asses the place where you live, and decide what kind of disaster can occur there, and what would be the outcome of a worst-case scenario. Once you have identified the likeliest causes of trouble, you can work out of plan of what you will need to survive.

Involve Everyone

  • When you begin to draw up a plan, try to involve as many of the family members as possible.
  • Not only will it promote a feeling a family togetherness, but it will make children feel more confident in whatever situation develops.
  • Even toddlers can be given simple instruction in how to use emergency supplies, and everyone in the family should be taught the rudiments of first aid.
  • The location of all the supplies and kits should be known to everyone in the family, but children should be cautioned not to tell neighbors or friends about any preparations you have made.

Know When And How To Evacuate

Besides having emergency supplies on hand, you and your family should also make a plan in case the situation deteriorates to such an extent that you will have to evacuate. Tragedies have occurred during evacuations simply because family members became separated. A spot should be chosen near the home (probably near the car) where everyone will gather in case you must leave. A secondary meeting place should also be designated, either in the neighborhood or near the school, in case family members are away from the house.

Plans on what to do in locations outside the home – camping or travelling should also be made. Emergency kits kept in the car itself, and taken along on vacations can keep an inconvenience from turning into a disaster.

Hopefully, you will never have to institute your emergency disaster plan. However, taking the time to make a plan that will increase the chances that you and your family will be able to survive the unexpected.