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Emergencies Will Happen: Be Ready!

Emergencies Will Happen… Be Ready

If you live anywhere other than heaven, you need to keep your feet on the ground. Part of that basic level of realism is in admitting that sooner or later, an emergency will crop up. You should always have an emergency preparedness kit , even if you live in one of the nicest, most environmentally safe, easy going places there are. It is an unfortunate fact of life that we are under the greatest and most imminent threat during occasions where we feel the least vulnerable. If you are currently feeling absolutely no pressure to prepare for a catastrophic event, now is the very best time to build your emergency preparedness kit. When the news man comes up and says that resources are scarce, and everyone is scrambling, it is too late to prepare.

Let's think about the notion of "preparedness." To pre-pare means to gather in advance what you will need, when a disaster strikes. As mentioned earlier, there is no safe place in this world. We are all under constant threat, both from natural disasters and from civil unrest. While you may not live in New Orleans or downtown Baghdad, you are never going to be completely safe while you are still alive. But do not allow this irritating truth to dishearten you. Rather, take this as your drive to prepare now, while you are safe. Build yourself an emergency preparedness kit!

But what do you need? While that is a question only you may truly answer, there are going to be some absolute needs everyone will have. You will need to make sure you have enough food (2,000 calories per day), water (1.2 5 gallons per day) and medicines (by prescription) for every member of your household. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (or FEMA) stipulates that it will be able to help you within 5 days. People in the Gulf Coast most likely laugh bitterly at that statement, as it can actually take much longer for bureaucrats to decide what color rain suits to issue their volunteers, as if what they decide is so imperative.

You have got to assume that your best bet is to hunker down for at least a week, using resources you control (and can defend) on your property. A list of what is necessary for an emergency preparedness kit will only be complete if you write it yourself.