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Cooking Options for Survival

Cooking Options for Survival

In a situation where disaster has struck, your circumstances may be that you are on the move to shelter or your situation allows you to remain stationary.

Next to water, food is necessary for survival in all situations. In the aftermath of a disaster, it may be more difficult to locate, and if obtained in a raw form, will require proper cooking for it to be safe for consumption. This includes the boiling of water and sterilization of any tools to be used for treating personal injury. You may choose from many types of stoves and their particular fuels for your survival cooking needs.

One such stove is a cooking system. The Peakmate Alcohol Burner Cook Set includes anodized aluminum pans that all nest together for compact, convenient storage. It contains a six inch saucepan, seven inch saucepan, and one seven-inch lid to be used interchangeably as a dinner plate. There is also an eight inch frying pan, and one kettle with three cups and a grip handle that fits all of the pans. The ventilated burner stand has a windshield pan stand, and one spirit fuel burner. A set up like this is good for simultaneous preparation of different foods in one session.

A more compact version using gel fuel cells is the StanSport Fold-A-Stove. It is made of durable steel, has two operating positions, and folds flat for storage. It is fired by solid fuel tablets, and is particularly useful in boiling water or food in a small aluminum pot.

Solar cookers are a relatively inexpensive for your survival cooking needs. Solar cookers work by concentrating direct sunlight, using a mirrored device or highly reflective material, into a compact cooking area. Using completely black pots and pans will absorb the sun's reflected energy and generate the necessary heat for cooking. For more information on solar cookers, please refer to

For cooking food over a fire, a folding camping grill allows for grilling food while boiling water or other foods simultaneously. Usually featuring a nickel plated surface and fold-flat design, it will save space in stowing. The use of these, however, requires skill in building a fire for cooking.

Preparing a wood fire for cooking may present a challenge and the technique should be studied as part of your disaster planning. One of the most unique and effective survival cooking fires is the Dakota Fire Hole. It is easy to construct, though initially requires additional work as opposed to building a surface fire. However, the need to add more wood for burning is reduced, while producing a hotter and more efficient fire in which cooking is made easier by design. For more information on building a Dakota Fire Hole, see the following website: