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CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) are a group of individuals educated in disaster preparedness. Having your team easily identifiable is essential when disaster strikes. We offer full kits and CERT gear to suit your team’s every need:

  • CERT identified clothing
  • Body protection (with CERT tags)
  • Response kits, bags, and miscellaneous CERT gear.

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CERT Accessory Bundle CERT Accessory Bundle

Our CERT Accessory Bundle will equip you to participate in a Community Emergency Response Team.

Regular Price: $54.97
CERT Starter Kit CERT Starter Kit

14 piece kit to get you started with the Community Emergency Response Team.

Price: $50.99

CERT Action Response Unit CERT Action Response Unit

23 piece response kit for the Community Emergency Response Team.

Price: $78.99
CERT Deluxe Action Response Unit CERT Deluxe Action Response Unit

41 piece deluxe response kit for the Community Emergency Response Team.

Price: $138.99

Following a major emergency situation, professional first responders may not be able to reach the affected area in a timely manner and once there, may struggle to meet the demands places on them.

CERT - The Community Emergency Response Team are a group of individuals educated in disaster preparedness and their role is to step in and provide crucial support during emergency situations. They are trained in basic disaster response skills in order to assist first responders, present aid to disaster victims and help organize volunteers. For example in 2011 trained CERT individuals provided exceptional support during a flood which caused a state of emergency in New Jersey where hundreds of homes and businesses were damaged when nearby rivers flooded. A 20 person CERT group came together to set up an evacuation shelter and prepared food for the victims and first responders. These community volunteers contributed more than 500 hours of time staffing the shelter around the clock for a week and were a vital link in provided much needed community assistance.


Once your team is trained, having the correct tools and being easily identifiable is essential when disaster strikes.

We offer full kits and CERT gear to suit your team’s every need:

  • CERT identified clothing
  • Body protection (with CERT tags)
  • Response kits, bags, and miscellaneous CERT gear

The CERT DELUXE ACTION RESPONSE UNIT is the best option for covering the team’s needs as it supplies a mixture of identification gear, safety gear and tools helpful during an emergency.

The safety vest with the official CERT logo will mean you are easily identifiable as a trained emergency responder. Part of a CERT Member’s responsibility is to become a community liaison. Being visible during the chaos of a disaster is not only important for easily locating other CERT members but is helpful in presenting you as a leader to the community.

The kit includes important safety equipment such as the Dust Mask, Heavy Duty Work Gloves and the CERT Hard Hat. Equipment like this allows you to maintain personal safety while executing disaster recovery operations such as in 2009 where a swift landslide creating devastation in Canyon Road, Utah. CERT volunteers mobilized immediately by setting up a command center and were responsible for cleaning up affected streets in preparation for city cleaning crews to begin their work.

CERT teams are often responsible for organizing volunteers from the community. Tools included in this kit will assist a CERT member in establishing a volunteer center. The caution tape can be used to separate dangerous and safe areas. The Megaphone is ideal for communicating to large crowds or alternatively walking the streets and providing important safety information

The Pry-Bar is an indispensable tool for disaster situations and is rated one of the best ‘prepper’ tools due to its versatility. Use this to pry, hammer, lift or break apart debris – a great all round tool for assisting with clean ups or search and rescue scenarios.

The kit also contains heavy duty gloves, hard hat and knee pads to use alongside these tools. Safety equipment are an important step when it comes to performing construction tasks like clearing roads, setting up temporary structures. If your team isn’t properly prepared, they may not be able to assist with essential tasks without risking their own health.

The Gas and Water Shut off Tool is important as CERT members are often required to assist with simple fire fighting and community safety tasks – for example locating and turning off gas and water mains to prevent a crisis from worsening. Having the tools at hand will mean the CERT team members can activate immediately without having to wait for emergency services to respond, potentially reducing the impact of the crisis.

The 14-in-1 Pocket Tool is also known as a pocket multi-tool. Carrying a multi-tool at all times is recommended because of it provides a range of helpful tools for any number of jobs. It is a quality design made from stainless steel.

During the Tropical Storm ‘Fay’ in 2008 in the City of DeBary, Florida the CERT team greatly diminished the impact of the flooding and devastation brought upon the town. CERT members worked with the American Red Cross and FEMA to protect lives and property. CERT volunteers assisted in a variety of tasks, including traffic control, filling sandbags, delivering supplies to elderly residents and emergency responders, as well as staffing city phones. DeBary’s CERT, which contributed more than 200 hours, also documented damage, relayed important safety information to residents, and maintained security around affected areas. It is extremely important that your CERT teams are well prepared in order to active and support your community. These kits will help you provide that support.