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What To Do Immediately After An EarthquakeDisaster Supply Kit

Find your family

Establish where and how your family will reunite after an earthquake. Have an out of state contact person. Appoint a friend or relative who your family members can call to report conditions and whereabouts after an earthquake.

Find water
What To Do After An EarthquakeOne of te top priorities in an emergency is having enough uncontaminated water. Everyone’s needs for water may be different. Factors that come into play are age, physical condition, activity, diet and the geographical location you live in. Normally, most people need to drink at least two quarts 64 ounces or eight cups, of water each day.

Environments where temperatures are high can double the amount needed as the body uses water for cooling. Children, nursing women, and ill people will need more water.

Additional water will be needed for hygiene and food preparation. Store at least one gallon of water per person, per day. If you have pets, allow 1 quart per day for each dog or cat. While storing at least a 72 hour supply is recommended; you should consider storing a two-week supply if you have space for it.

Bottled Water: Bottled water from the supermarket in single serving or jugs is good to keep on hand in the event of a disaster. This water should be kept out of sunlight to prevent any microbial life forms from contaminating the water at higher temperatures.

Emergency Water Pouches: Mayday Industries produces US Coast Guard Approved survival water pouches that can be carried on your person without any concerns about water temperatures. This is good to keep with you when traveling between your home and any destination where drinking water us unavailable during a disaster.

Katadyn Water Purification Tablets
Clean Water Containers: In the event that you must capture rain water or other source, you must have clean, marked water containers for the proper storage. Five gallon collapsible water containers are available through which store easily and folded out for use in storing and transporting drinking water.

Water Preserver: This is a concentrated product that can treat up to fifty-five gallons of drinking water, allowing fresh water to be stored up to five years at a time. This product is available through, and kills microscopic life that is responsible for diseases, such as typhoid and dysentery, while preventing mold and fungus growth.