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What To Do Before and During a Lightning Storm
  • Disaster Supply KitIn case of lightning, always try and seek shelter.
  • To approximate the distance between you and the lightning, count the number of seconds between the lightning bolt and the following clap of thunder.  Each second represents about 300 meters.  If you count less than 30 seconds, look for shelter.  If you count less than 5 seconds, seek shelter IMMEDIATELY. 
  • Wait at least thirty minutes after the last sign of lightning during a violent storm before going back outside.
  • If you are caught outdoors, don’t lay down on the ground.  Instead, crouch down with your feet close together and your head facing down (leap-frog position).  By minimizing the points of contact with the ground, you reduce the risk of electrocution by a charge travelling through the ground.
  • Don’t ride a bicycle, motorcycle, tractor, or golf cart and avoid touching objects such as shovels and metal golf clubs as these conduct electricity.