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What To Do Before and During a Hail Storm
  • If hail has been predicted, park your vehicle inside your garage to protect it.
  • When the hail starts to fall, seek shelter.  Don’t go outdoors to recover any plants, your car, garden furniture, or rescue any animals left outside.  Hail falls to the ground at high speeds especially when accompanied by strong winds and although it has never caused any deaths in the U.S., several people have suffered severe injuries.
  • When a hailstorm occurs, stay indoors and keep away from windows, glass doors, and skylights that can shatter if hit by the hailstones.  Avoid using phones and touching metallic objects like stoves, radiators, metal pipes, and sinks. 
  • The speed at which hail falls is very fast, even more so in the presence of violent winds.  During a hailstorm, find shelter and avoid underpasses or lowlands that are prone to flooding.
Torrential Rains
  • Examine the drainage system around your home in order to reduce the possibility that the basement will flood in case of torrential rains.