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Waterproof Matches

Waterproof matches are a perfect addition to any camping supply kit or an emergency preparedness stockpile. Many homeowners, CERT leaders and emergency response volunteers make the mistake of stocking regular matches in their survival kits. But in disasters where your emergency kit can be exposed to the elements - such as a flood, a fire, a hurricane or an earthquake - everyday household matches quickly become useless. Waterproof matches are specially formulated with a unique blend of non-toxic chemicals to light in wet conditions. When you are wet, cold and in the dark, having a reliable set of matches when lighters and normal matches have failed can be an absolute life saver. You can strike these waterproof matches on the box to create a flame. The box has a special moisture resistant coating so it remains reliable even after being exposed to water.

Waterproof matches can also be an excellent addition to any camping gear kit. Being able to start a fire even when it has just rained or your pack has gotten wet means you can stay warm, keep wild animals away and cook your food. Stock up now - these waterproof matches are incredibly affordable, and you almost always need more than you think you do.