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The Basic Triage Unit is an essential for any EMS, CERT or other community emergency preparedness team. When disaster strikes unexpectedly, it often becomes the responsibility of the community members themselves to come to the aid of their fallen neighbors, friends, family members and coworkers. Too many victims, disabled communications and blocked roads can delay professional emergency response teams for hours or even days - and in the mean time, it's your responsibility to take charge and get everyone the help they need.

The Basic Triage Unit helps you do just that. Using the contents of this Triage starter kit, you can quickly and efficiently introduce order into a chaotic situation where many individuals need help but there is no formal system in place. The kit includes four Legend Safety Vests that help you clearly identify those in charge plus ground stakes, tape and other items you'll need to mark off your triage area. You'll also get writing implements and a variety of useful forms ,such as a head-to-toe patient

The Basic Triage Unit kit contains:

* (4) Legend Safety Vests

* (4) Rolls of 200 foot Colored Triage Tape (Minor - Delayed - Immediate - Morgue)

* (12) Ground Stakes

* (1) Triage Book (37 Page): An in-depth instruction manual to help you establish and operate your triage unit as well as avoid common pitfalls.

* Also included are the following forms: Triage Treatment Log - Head-to-Toe Patient Evaluation - Injury Assessment - Body Identification Sheet.

* (4) Grease Pencils

* (4) Clipboards

* (25) Triage Tags

* (4) Pencils

* (8) ID Tags (front and back)

* (1) Carry Bag

This Basic Triage Unit can literally be a lifesaver. Stock up now while prices remain low - and thank you for keeping your community safe and prepared!