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The Threat Of Terrorism
The Threat Of Terrorism

The World Has Changed

Prior to the terrorist attacks in 2001, and subsequent ‘incidents’, all of us must think about the possible threat that terrorism can bring into our lives.  Besides being a direct victim of terrorist attack, you and your family can also find your lives seriously disrupted because of an interruption of vital services.  While there is little or nothing that any of us can do to prevent terrorism, there are things that we can prepare to make sure that an interruption of services will make the smallest possible impact on our lives, and those of our families.

Your Water Supply

It is quite possible that terrorist attacks can be made against various facilities and services that all of us have come to depend on.  Water treatment facilities are often spoken of as being targets for hostile acts, and if the plant is destroyed or the water contaminated in any way, there simply will not be anything for you or your family to drink.  It only makes sense to provide for a safe water supply that is independent of your water tap.  While a three day supply of safe water is generally recommended, it would probably be a good idea to have at least a 2 week’s supply of water on hand. Water purification kits are great to have to secure a water supply in an emergency, coming with 20 tablets per pack, they are used to disinfect water against viruses, bacteria and other health dangers. 


If there is a disruption of the food distribution or highway system, there could be areas of the country where it might be difficult to get food until normality is restored.  Canned and other packaged foods often have a shelf life of months, if not years, and a stockpile of these can help to assure that no one will have to go hungry, even if there is nothing available in the stores. Emergency food supplies are important to ensure your families future. It would also be a good idea to have a means to cook food, too.  Some people have gas stoves, but if you depend on electricity for cooking, it might be a good idea to invest in a camp stove, so that hot meals can be prepared.

First Aid and Medicines

A first aid kit is a necessary item under any circumstance, but during an emergency or disaster, it can be of vital importance.  Having even the most rudimentary supplies around can make an enormous difference.  Being able to take care of cuts and bruises easily will make it less likely that a minor injury will become infected.  It is a good idea to keep first aid supplies in one spot and to familiarize everyone in the family with their use.  There are excellent pre-made first aid kits available that will take the guesswork out of what to include.

Likewise, if you or anyone in your family is dependent upon prescription medication, ask your doctor to write an extra prescription so that you can have a 2 week’s supply of medication ready if you need it.  Diabetics, those with heart conditions, and anyone who needs medicines to control a potentially life-threatening condition should make certain that they have extra medication safely stored in the home. There are a variety of affordable and useful first aid kits available to you and your family in case of times of emergencies.

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