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Teaching Kids about Emergencies

Planning for emergencies is an important task. You should include your entire family in the planning process and make sure your children understand the potential hazards of various emergencies. Assign roles to each family member and discuss what their job is during an emergency. Teaching your kids about emergencies and what to do can help them stay calm in a scary situation.

Types of Emergencies

  • Explain the different types of emergencies and which ones could occur in your area.
  • Establish a place to meet in case your family is separated during an emergency.
  • Discuss various situations and what to do (ex: if they are in school or away from home).

Developing a Plan

  • Let your children help to develop your disaster plan so that they understand the procedures.
  • Develop clear communication procedures by creating an emergency contact list. Each family member should know who to call during an emergency, to include how to contact each other if you are separated.
  • Involve your kids every step of the way.

Create an Emergency Kit

  • Let your children help with putting supplies into the kit.
  • Create a fun way to put the kit together as a family.
  • Make sure your children understand the importanance of each item and what they are for.
  • Include items for your children in the kit (ex: travel games, cards, books, etc.)

Practice! Practice! Practice!

  • Create a routine of practicing your emergency procedures on a regular basis (monthly).
  • Make sure your kids know that it is okay to ask questions, express their concerns, and share their opinions. This will help to build their confidence in being able to handle a situation.