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What does the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) mean to you?

The Centers for Disease Control oversees the Strategic National Stockpile. The stockpile contains medicine and medical supplies in case of a public health emergency. When local supplies run out, Federal and local authorities come to an agreement and the medicine will be delivered within 12 hours. Each state has plans to receive and distribute the supplies to local communities as quickly as possible.

12 hour push packs that hold pharmaceuticals, antidotes and medical supplies are strategically located and ready for deployment and can reach the designated site within 12 hours.

Specific hazards

Medical supplies may be needed because of a bioterrorism attack, chemical emergency, natural disaster, radiation emergency, outbreaks and mass casualties.

Life saving medical and pharmaceutical repository

Chemical antidotes, antibiotics, antitoxins, life-support medications, IV administration, medical/surgical items and airway maintenance supplies

There is enough stockpiled to protect many people at the same time

Rapid Coordination & Transport

The SNS program is committed to delivery of 12-hour Push Packages anywhere in the United States. The decision to deploy is made at the federal level. Technical Advisory Response Unit (TARU) will be sent with the Push Packages and they will coordinate with the local and state officials to assure that the SNS assets are received and distributed upon arrival.

Points of interest:

The SNS medicine is free.

The SNS stockpile is sufficient to protect people in several locations at the same time.

Federal, state and local community planners are working together to assure the SNS medicines will be delivered to the affected area in a timely manner.

How will you receive SNS medicine in your area?

  • Watch TV
  • Listen to the radio
  • Read the newspaper
  • Community website
  • Internet
  • Ask your community leaders