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How to Store Drinking Water

Storage of Drinking Water

In a disaster scenario in which clean, running water may be unavailable for a few days up to one month, the proper storage of drinking water is of great importance to your survival. The aftermath of a disaster places us in life threatening situations where the very basic of needs become unavailable in a moment's notice. Therefore quantity and quality of this critical element is a major concern.

Storage and carrying of water correctly depends on the correct use of containment systems and portability. While there are a number of large plastic and metal containers available at a home improvement store, there is a danger in using them for water storage. The safest plastics for the storage of water are considered to be "food grade". No other plastic should be considered. Whether this is a prepared and planned drinking water supply, or a last-minute lifesaving measure, proper storage of water is a must.

Large Quantity: TV news stations will often offer recommendations on how to survive the aftermath of a disaster. One bit of advice will be to "fill your bathtub with cold water". However, it is not advisable that you keep drinking water stored in an open bathtub, due to the dirt and soap residue. Therefore, a bathtub water containment bladder is a must for your disaster planning shopping list.

100 gallon bladder with a siphon pump: This is a water container that fits into a standard, conventional household bathtub. It is intended for the storage of drinking water in an emergency situation, and is made of durable, heavy duty "food grade" plastic, which helps keep drinking water fresh. Water stored properly in this container may be usable up to four weeks. The siphon pump included will easily dispense drinking water into portable jugs.

Portability: With one gallon of water weighing in at 8.35 pounds, portability will be important to anyone in the aftermath of a disaster. The 5 Quart Collapsible Water Carrier is well suited for proper storage and portability of drinking water. This water carrier is collapsible when not in use. It features a handy spigot which helps you pour the water and therefore reduces waste. It also has a handle for easy portability.