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NOAA and FEMA Forecasts "Winter of Extremes" for U.S.

We would like to remind individuals to get ready for winter storms and extreme cold.  We strongly recommend that everyone brace themselves for a colder than average winter this 2010 and 2011 year.
The Pacific Northwest should anticipate a wetter winter while the South may be drier than usual. However we must not forget that we should start preparing for severe winter weather no matter where we might live across the world.
Americans should remember (3) simple steps while preparing this 2010 through 2011 winter season:
  1. Disaster Emergency Survival Kit with First Aid SuppliesPurchase or put together an Emergency Disaster Supply Kits and First aid Supplies
  2. Develop a Family, Business or School Emergency Communications Plan
  3. Share and Practice your Emergency Plan and Pulling Out your Emergency Disaster Kit(s). 
  4. Heating sources and lighting such as candles are very useful during power outages.
Don't forget that an emergency supply kit needs to be both at home and in the car. 
    • Powers outages  
    • Fatal Car Accidents from bad weather; such as icy or impassable roads
An emergency disaster supply kit should include a three-day supply of food and water, a battery-powered or hand-crank radio and extra flashlights/batteries. 
Periodically check and update your disaster supply kit and add be sure add any additional supplies and/or  prescription medications, linens, boots, jackets and extra clothing in preparation for winter weather this season.