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10 Things to do in case you become sick or are in the hospital during a disaster...

Consider that you may be sick or in the hospital when a disaster occurs. Even though you may be perfectly fine today, you may become a person with special needs by virtue of an accident or being hospitalized. If you are scheduled to have elective surgery or surgery that does not put you in imminent danger consider postponing. In some cases the doctor or hospital will postpone any unnecessary surgeries if there is a disaster that needs their attention.

In case this occurs you need to create a support system and let people know where you keep important documents or medicine before a disaster occurs. Contact your local emergency management office to let them know what your needs are. Wear alert bracelets if possible and have any payments made electronically if at all possible.

Emergency Lists

  • List of doctors with phone numbers
  • Relatives phone numbers
  • Friends to notify (include addresses and phone numbers)
  • Extra batteries
  • Extra oxygen
  • Hearing aid batteries
  • Wheelchair batteries
  • Extra eyeglasses
  • List of medication and doses along with allergies
  • Style and serial numbers of equipment

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