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Emergency Shelter and Sleeping Supplies

We offer emergency shelter and sleeping supplies that provide protection from the elements after an evacuation. It's important to keep warm and dry after a disaster.

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Space Saver Cot Space Saver Cot

This 7 foot long cot has 40% more surface space than standard cots.

Price: $51.99
Temporarily Not Taking Orders
G.I. Folding Cot Stansport "Ridgeline" G.I. Folding Cot 82" x 31"

Comfortable, easy to use G.I. style cot that folds up for compact storage.

Price: $92.99
Temporarily Not Taking Orders
Folding Bed with Mattress Folding Bed with Mattress

Folds vertically for easy storage.

Price: $170.99
Temporarily Not Taking Orders
Privacy Shelter Privacy Shelter

Free standing room can be used as restroom, changing room and/or shower stall. Made with durable 190 D nylon and G3 fiberglass poles. Tote bag included.

Price: $64.99
Temporarily Not Taking Orders
Deluxe Camp Shower / Shelter Combo Deluxe Camp Shower / Shelter Combo

Heavy-Duty Taffeta Walls and Rainfly are Polyurethane Coated

Price: $165.99
Temporarily Not Taking Orders

While a couple days sleeping rough might not sound life or death, maintaining adequate levels of sleep is actually extremely important to survival. Sleeping during a survival situation is often difficult resulting in sleep deprivation and high levels of extra stress. Lack of sleep affects how we function, reducing our ability to make rational decisions as well as causing physical aliments like headaches, tremors, and increased blood pressure. Extreme sleep deprivation leads to your body slowly shutting down. In fact soldiers have been known to collapse into a deep sleep mid-march due to sleep deprivation. This kind of behavior is dangerous during a crisis when keeping your wits about you is more important than ever before.

When it comes down to the basics - the human body needs sleep and if we don’t provide it with enough, our bodies will take it upon itself to get the required rest. So while you are preparing for disasters, do not forget about the importance of being able to get a good night’s sleep.

Ideally you want to aim for up to nine hours of sleep but this is not always possible, even in our everyday lives! You can survive with much less but having the correct preparations will help you achieve the best sleep possible.

Cots are often used as emergency beds as they offer some of the same benefits of sleeping in a bed. They are much more comfortable than simply lying on the floor and create a sense of familiarity which can help you relax into sleep. If you suffer from back pain, a cot is worlds above sleeping on a cramped chair or lying on an uneven floor.

Being elevated off the ground is beneficial as it keeps you away from cold, wet, hard or rocky conditions. Aside from comfort, sleeping on the ground will pull the heat away from your body in a process called conduction. This is where heat is transferred from one object to another via direct contact, such as your warm body and the cold ground. The buffer of air between the cot and the ground helps to slow the transfer of heat from your body, helping to keep you warmer. Being able to stay warm is absolutely necessary, especially if you are caught in a crisis in the middle of winter and the power has gone down. As a bonus, if you are outdoors a cot will also help keep the insects away.

We offer three different styles, the Space Saver Cot, the Stansport “Ridgeline G.I. Folding cot and the Folding Bed with Mattress.

The Space Saver Cot accommodates adults at 7 feet long and has 40% more surface area than standard camping cots. Made from a durable heavy duty Dacron and thick-walled aluminum framing, this is a quality product that will help you achieve a decent night’s sleep even during a crisis. It is foldable and comes with a carry bag for easier storage and transport.

The Stansport Ridgeline G.I Folding Cot is also ideal for adults with the extra long length – 7 feet. The heavy duty frame of thick walled, square tube aluminium offers extra support and durability. This cot also folds away for storage and transport but is taller and bulkier than the Space Saver.

The Folding Bed with Mattress is easily the most luxurious option as it is the largest and comes with a comfortable soft mattress. This is the bed you want for longer term survival as it would provide the most similar night’s rest to a regular bed. It is definitely bulkier than a standard cot however if you are looking for comfort, this is the one for you.

It does fold in half for easier storage but would not be suitable to carry with you if you needed to ‘bug out’. Perhaps instead invest in the folding bed with mattress as a backup sleeping arrangement.

Other Survival Shelters

Unfortunately privacy is often the first thing to go during an emergency. If you are ever in a situation where basic sanitation systems have failed such as plumbing being affected by a storm or earthquake and you cannot use the toilets or showers. You may have prepared emergency toilets like the port-a-potty style honey buckets however privacy is still a concern. Sanitation quickly becomes a serious issue in a disaster and Privacy Shelters are recommended in order to provide a specific, sanitary area for your family to relive themselves.

Solve this problem by investing in a Privacy Shelter – a free standing stall made from durable 192 D Nylon and G3 Fibreglass poles. This shelter includes ropes and stakes and the weatherproof materials means it is suitable for outdoor use.

The Deluxe Camp Shower/Shelter Combo was manufactured with camping in mind; this showering shelter offers a superior answer to privacy concerns during an emergency. The frame consists of sturdy Rust-Resistant ¾” Diameter Chain-Corded Steel Poles with molded joints. The walls are heavy duty Taffeta fabric and features a “No See Um” mesh windows and skylights. This shelter comes equipped with a mesh shower rack and 5 Gallon capacity Camp Shower.

Adding this shower to your preps gives your family an added level of comfort during a potentially unsettling time. Showers provide essential sanitation but also give a refreshing break after a long day. You will be happy to pull out this emergency shower during longer term emergencies where running water has not been available for several days. Being able to thoroughly wash is a sure fire way to boost morale in trying times.

Sanitary handling tips during a crisis

If you’ve been camping, you’ll know that an emergency toilet works best if the liquid and solid wastes are kept separate. This makes waste easier to handle and reduces smells.
  • Use gloves when emptying buckets
  • Rinse and clean the toilet bucket after emptying
  • Disinfect with a dilute bleach solution if necessary
  • Make one person in your house responsible for emergency toilet duties – emptying and cleaning the buckets
  • Keep the toilet and waste material well separated from any food preparation or food growing areas