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Self Defense for survivalDeluxe Honey Bucket Kit

The circumstances during or in the aftermath of a disaster revolve around survival, sometimes of the fittest. While you may have planned ahead for the welfare of your family, there may be a number of others, either human or animal, who may wish to take advantage of your situation.

Self defense weapons on the market may or may not require special permits, and can be ordered online or purchased through retail outlets. Please educate yourself on their
Self Defense For Survivalpossession and use prior to adding them to your survival kit as part of your planning.

Firearms: These are the most lethal, yet effective of defensive weapons in modern history. Most domestic invasions have been terminated without firing a shot. However there are permits and training to operate a weapon safely for your own protection. "Small arms" refers to handguns and long guns, and are the most common belonging to civilians in countries that allow their possession. Selecting one of these as part of your disaster survival planning can be done through a retail outfitter who can help suit you to a weapon that will work best for your situation.

"The Heart Attack": Marketed by, this is a handheld item named for its valentine heart-like shape. It is held between the fingers and used in fist fighting an assailant. The tool would be a substitute for the suggested "keys between fingers" technique taught in self defense classes.

Steel Baton: Made in lengths of sixteen inches or more, these are effective at warding off or subduing attackers. Usually fitted with a foam grip handle, this would be used like a Billy club.

Guard Alaska Bear Repellant Spray: This is a 20% ultra hot pepper spray that has been effective at repelling bears. The spray canister propels the environmentally-safe matter at a range of fifteen to twenty feet, and is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency. This size should be effective in subduing large animalsStun Gun or people in groups who have launched an attack and is intended to be sprayed into their faces.

Pepper spray: This is a defensive spray that is similar to the one described for use against bear attacks, however it is of shorter range, and can be purchased in small canisters. It is intended to be sprayed into the face of an attacker.

The thought of possibly harming a person or creature with any one of these products may be disturbing to you. However, protecting your own self in a situation where you or your family's survival is threatened must be considered in advance of any possible disaster scenario.