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Safe Hiking And Camping

Hiking and camping are activities that can be enjoyed by nearly anyone, and they give us a chance to break what may be a humdrum routine with some time in the wilderness.  Everyone needs to get away from the city periodically, to renew and refresh themselves, and getting to the outdoors lets us connect with the world around us.  Smelling clean, fresh air and listening to birdsong and the wind in the trees is a wonderful experience, and can provide us with sights of nature which we might otherwise never view.However, if the correct preparations have not been made, the trip could end in misery.  Having the proper equipment along can make a world of difference.

Your Backpack

Even if you think you are only going for a hike that will last for one day, it is prudent to carry enough in your backpack to see you through several if events warrant.  Having emergency supplies will make it much easier for you to survive should you get lost or are otherwise unable to return to your starting point.  While you will be able to carry a limited supply of water because of the weight, it is easy to carry water purification tablets or a filter straw.  Some emergency food is a good idea, too and products such as Mayday bars will provide you with complete nutrition in one package.

Make sure that you have an emergency blanket and tent in your pack – these will take up little room, and you can even tuck an emergency sleeping bag in, also.  A small first aid kit can help you to deal with any minor injuries that might arise.


You will naturally have more equipment along if you are going on a camping, rather than a hiking, trip.  However, a selection of emergency supplies, such as you will carry when hiking should be taken along.

Since you will have to drink water where you find it on a camping trip (lake, river, stream), make sure that you have the means to purify it.  Water may look clear and clean, but can still contain a wide range of dangerous pathogens that can make you very ill.  While water purification tablets are good in the short run, perhaps for about a week, if you are going to be camping for a longer period of time, bring along a quality camp water filter.

Besides emergency rations, when you are camping you may find that MREs (meals ready to eat) will make a very good way to provide for your camp meals.  These come in a wide variety, and are easy to carry and prepare.  A small, portable camp stove is also a useful item to have along, so that you will not have to depend exclusively on a campfire.

Make sure that you have a good tent, also, as inclement weather can occur despite forecasts, and a leaking or defective tent will make the stay miserable.  An extended stay in the wilderness will make it more likely that an injury will occur, so in addition to your regular first aid kit, you might want to bring along a few extras such as an elastic bandage to deal with sprains or strains, and something to deal with serious bleeding.