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Review Of Camp Lanterns

Although these lanterns were originally designed for use by campers, they also make excellent emergency lighting.Losing electric power is almost inevitable when there is any kind of disaster situation, even a strong thunderstorm can bring down the lines. Rather than being consigned to sitting in the dark, or relying on the use of candles, which can be hazardous, camp lanterns can provide bright, dependable, and safe lighting .Most of the lanterns are very reasonably priced, and having several on hand will help to round out your survival supplies as well as keeping your home bright when the lights are out.

Rayovac SE3DLN Sportsman Lantern

This lantern could be considered a ‘must have’ by anyone who is putting by emergency and survival supplies. You will need 3 “D” batteries to power the Rayovac Sportsman, which will provide you with 150 hours of light on low, and 72 hours if set on high. This is an LED lantern, so the light will be clear and bright. This lantern features a small blinking light that is designed to help you locate the lantern in the dark, but this can be removed if desired. This lantern generally sells for under $30.00.

Coleman MicroPacker Compact Battery Lantern

If storage space is a problem, you may want to use the Coleman Compact Lantern for your emergency lighting needs.This lantern will not provide as bright a light as the above, but it will give you the light you need for an emergency that lasts for several days – it will run for about 15 hours continuously. New batteries will make a big difference in how well this lantern performs, so make sure that the batteries you use are fresh, and better quality batteries will help your lantern give off light longer. At around $10.00, this sturdy little lantern (it only weighs 8 ounces) will allow everyone in the house to have their own light.

Coleman Two-Mantle Dual Fuel Powerhouse Lantern

Some people will not want to keep buying batteries to make sure their emergency lanterns function. If you prefer a lantern that will keep going as long as you have fuel to put into it, you may want the Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern. This lantern runs on either unleaded gasoline or Coleman fuel, and lights with a match. One fill will provide 7 hours of light if set on high, or 14 on low. A funnel comes with the lantern to make filling easy. Two mantles come with the lantern, and it is these that provide the extra brightness. The Coleman Dual Fuel sells for over $50.00, but bear in mind that as long as you have a gallon of gas or some fuel in your car, you will have light.

LED Rechargeable Lantern

If you do not want to keep buying batteries or use liquid fuel for your emergency lantern, you might want to consider using this rechargeable lantern by Coleman.This lantern comes with adapters that will allow you to recharge whether you are at home or traveling. When fully charged, the LED Rechargeable Lantern will give you 5 hours of light when set on high, and 10 on low. This is a solid lantern and comes with a 5 year warranty, and it sells for less than $50.00.