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Portable Stoves

Don’t be caught without a heating device for food or water in an emergency. Our foldable portable stoves are easily stored with your emergency kit and come with fuel tablets.

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Fire and Fuel Bundle Fire and Fuel Bundle

Our Fire and Fuel Bundle will help you ensure that you can start a fire in any weather, heat up food or water, and have light to see by.

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Emergency preparedness is all about building a reserve of supplies in defense of potential disasters. Being well prepared can mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation so we can all agree that ensuring you have all the right tools is extremely important. Being able to cook food and boil water is an absolute necessity.

The electrical grid can be compromised during the smallest of disaster events. How many times has your power unexpectedly gone down leaving you in the dark? Heavy snow or wind can knock out your power for hours or even days at a time. Gas stoves or the backyard barbeque can offer a degree of solace but a good prepper will ask the question – what about a larger disaster? What if the gas mains are unsafe? What if we need to leave our home?

The best answer to these questions is to purchase portable, self contained cooking systems. When choosing a portable stove – you want a reliable product to rely on. Camp style fires are not always an option during a disaster. For example, if you needed to shelter in place during a particularly nasty storm, building a fire in the backyard is just not practical. The Nova has proven legendary status amongst extreme outdoor sportsmen; with the Nova you are getting the best technology possible.

This benchmark stove has serviced mountaineers, travelled into rainforests and well into Antarctica. It is the premier tool for extreme conditions which makes it the perfect option for a survival scenario. It promises a warm meal or drink no matter where you are.

The Katadyn Optimus Nova Stove boasts award winning technology. The patented quick-priming burner shortens the necessary pre-heating stage to save on fuel. It features a self-purging aluminum pump to clear the burner of fuel and depressure the fuel bottle for safety. The entire stove weighs less than half a kilogram or 15 ounces for easy portability. The support legs can fold out and the gas cartridge turned over to allow for better stability when needed.

The motto of the Optmus stove is “One Jet – Any Fuel”. This means it can handle a variety of fuels making it much easier to source fuel when on the move. It burns Optimus Arctic Fuel, white gas, kerosene, diesel and jet fuel. This way you have the flexibility needed to have a warm meal anytime.

Poor weather conditions like frosts, snow, or wind does not bother the Katadyn Optimus Nova Stove; the included windshield offers extra protection and the powerful flame will not let you down. One of the most popular features of this stove is the highly adjustable flame. It boasts precise simmer controls to help you cook food evenly while conserving precious fuel.

Another option for on the go heat sources is the Fire and Fuel Bundle. As the saying goes, “Two is one and one is none”. Basically, being prepared means understanding that plans, tools and ideals fail. You need at least two options as a safeguard against failure making this bundle a perfect buy to build up your stores. The bundle is lightweight and easily portable making it a perfect addition to your emergency car kit, part of your everyday carry or in your 72 hour evacuation kit.

The bundle includes the following:

  • Waterproof Matches: 10 separate packs holding 40 matches each. Ideal for outdoor adventures or survival. You can spilt the packets up between your group – or leave some in your car, outdoor pack and home. They use a unique blend of non-toxic chemicals specially formulated to be able to strike in wet conditions. The match box striking surface has been treated with a moisture resistant coating to ensure your success lighting fires during poor weather conditions. Waterproof matches are a wonderfully inexpensive tool that works well when you need it.
  • Storm Matches: 2 packs with 50 matches’ total. Storm matches are a step above the standard waterproof matches as they are resistant to both strong wind as well as being waterproof. The storm matches are extra long with a head that burns even in strong storm winds. The flame will burns for approximately 10 seconds allowing you to start a fire or get your stove going despite windy or stormy conditions.
  • Fire Starter: These are a hardy alternative to matches. Fire starters last forever and allow you to start your fire anytime anywhere, anytime. To use, gently shave some of the magnesium into your fire starting material like dried grass or paper. Strike the magnesium rod with striker to produce hot sparks to ignite your fire. It is a good idea to practice lighting fires with this method as it is not as straight forward as lighting a match. You won’t regret taking the time to learn the technique when you need to start a life saving fire during a crisis.
  • Slow Burning Emergency Candles: 10 candles in two packets. Use inside a specific candle lantern and each candle will burn for five hours. These will provide you with 50 hours of light. Candles are a must-have around the home for pesky power outages but also a great option to pack into your emergency evacuation kit.
  • Survival Candle: 2 candles. Survival Candles have a wider base than regular candles and contain three wicks rather than one. This means they provide a more robust heating and light source while staying lightweight and compact. It will burn for 36 hours using once wick or 12 hours with all three wicks burning.
  • Portable Stove: This tool is perfect for your backpack as it gives you a more stable way of cooking food and boiling water than a campfire. This stove accommodates most camp or regular cookware by adjusting the position of the base. It also comes with 24 fuel tablets.
  • Additional Fuel Tablets: 2 packs of 24 tablet each. These are made for the portable stove but are also safe for use in solid fuel stoves, barbecues, and campfires. These tablets ignite easily and burn without odor so are an ideal alternative to a campfire. The tablets are compact and lightweight so are easy to carry which is an important consideration when packing your 72 hour kit.