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Your pets may not survive a disaster

Even though you prepare and plan for your pet’s safety in case of a disaster, there may be times when there is nothing you can do to keep them safe. Included in this article are planning tips as well as what to do in case your pet expires.

Even if you have done all the right things and planned down to every detail, there is a chance that you may have to leave your pet(s) behind. You may have to evacuate in a hurry and have no other options. It may be that because of the incident your pet dies. This is all difficult to consider but it is one of the realities of living through a disaster. The following paragraph includes instructions on how to dig a grave for a pet.

Digging a grave for your pet

  • Pick a location
  • Check with your local town office or city hall to make sure that there aren’t any pipes or gas lines running underneath the ground that you have chosen
  • Dig 3 feet or deeper so that other animals will not dig up your pet
  • The larger the animal, the deeper the hole
  • Place pet in the hole then cover with loose dirt then pat it down

Planning and preparing

Before a disaster happens, contact your Local Emergency Management Office and ask for a list of shelters in the area. Remember that not all shelters for people will take pets. Red Cross shelters will not accept pets because of health and safety concerns although service animals will be allowed. Know who the Animal Control Officer in you town is.

Emergency Supplies for Pets:

Response Kit for Pets should contain leashes, food, water, bowl, cat litter, pan, medical records and medications.

Make sure your pets have Identification Tags and the proper up to date Vaccines. Bring proof of vaccination to the shelter with you. Make sure both cats and dogs have secure collars with their names and your name on them.

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