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From Mayday, the top name in emergency preparedness, comes the Office Emergency Kit (5 person). As a manager, business owner or simply a concerned employee, it's your responsibility to keep your co-workers and customers safe in the event of an emergency.
This affordable, compact and complete emergency survival kit allows you to provide for up to five people in the case of a flood, terrorist attack, tornado, earthquake, power outage, blizzard or some other catastrophic event.

The five person Office Emergency Kit allows you to:

Stay Nourished and Hydrated - With five 2400 calorie apple cinnamon food bars, five 25 ounce water and packs, you'll have enough food and water to keep you strong and alert until help arrives. Keep warm and dry - Five solar blankets, an 8 x 10 tarp, four 12 hour light sticks, a five pack of candles and 50 waterproof matches ensure that you have the shelter and light you need if your building goes off the grid. Avoid infection and contagious bacteria - 50 germicidal tablets, a 123 piece first aid kit, two pairs of latex gloves, five dust masks plus a port-a-pottie, 12 toilet liners and toilet chemicals will protect you from infectious disease and harmful bacteria.

The complete Office Emergency Kit includes:

5 - 2400 Calorie Apple Cinnamon Food Bar

5 - 25 oz. Water Packs 5 - Solar Blankets

1 - 8 x 10 Blue Tarp

1 - Leather Work Gloves (pair)

50 - Germicidal Tablets

12 - Toilet Liners 5 - Wet Naps

50 - Waterproof Matches

1 - AM/FM Solar Radio

4 - 12 Hour Light Sticks

1 - 123 Piece First Aid Kit

1 - 5 pack of Candles

2 - Latex Gloves (pair)

1 - Toilet Chemicals

5 - Dust Masks

1 - Port-a-Pottie
The five people Mayday Office Emergency Kit is perfect for small- to medium- offices.
Buy multiple kits for annexes, separate wings and departments and keep each employee safe and secure.