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Why Mayday Food Bars Are a Great Addition to Your Kit

Mayday Food Bars

400, 1200, 2400 & 3600 High Calorie Rations

The Mayday Food Bars can be a real life saver - literally. Your body needs an absolute bare minimum of 1 x 200 calories a day and in a survival situation where it's fight, flight or perish, you'll need all the energy and nutrition you can get.

These food rations from Mayday pack up to 3600 calories and essential vitamins and minerals all into a convenient, non-perishable package.

The High Calorie Mayday Food Bars are approved to meet the rigorous standards for survival rations set by the U.S. Coast Guard as well as the Canadian Transport Department. That means, among other benefits, these rations have a five (5) year shelf life, can be stored outside in environments as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit (-6 degrees Celsius) up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit (or 65 degrees Celsius) and can be eaten without preparation (no additional heat or water needed). Plus, they taste great with natural apple cinnamon flavor and are non-thirst provoking. These food rations are baked under strict supervision with the utmost of quality control and contain no cholesterol or tropical oils.

You can buy our Mayday Food Bars in cases for a deep discount. This is an excellent value for a meal replacement ration. And because these food ration bars have a very good shelf life, it's completely safe to stock up before demand (and prices) ratchet upwards.

You can also buy smaller portions of the Mayday Food Bar including the 400 Calorie Food Bar, 1200 Calorie Mayday Food bar, 2400 Calorie Mayday Food bar and our popular 3600 Calorie Mayday Food Bar.