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We offer a wide range of CPR shields, dust, face, N95 masks for all your emergency preparedness needs.

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X Caper Smoke & Gas Mask X Caper Fire Escape Mask

The same mask used and endorsed by professional firefighters. Absorbs nearly 100% of particulate matter common to smoke from fires.

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You see it every year, the spread of common colds and flu throughout your community. It’s easy to see how quickly contagious illness spreads from person to person. This could easily turn into an outbreak where much larger numbers of people are affected than expected. Then there are epidemics are when an infectious disease spreads rapidly. For example, in 2003, the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemic took the lives of nearly 800 people worldwide. Pandemics, on the other hand, occur when a disease becomes globally widespread. Influenza pandemics can occur when a new subtype of the virus crops up. Everyone is at risk because no immunity has been built up. The disease spreads easily through coughing and sneezing. As a first line of defense, a respirator can help prevent the spread of such diseases.

Respirators or masks work by removing a percentage of contaminants from the air. The N95 respirator is the most common particulate filtering face piece respirator and filters at least 95% of airborne particles but is not resistant to oil.

Designed to protect the lungs from nuisance particles as well as certain pneumoconiosis, fibrosis producing dusts and mists, the N95 respirator is suitable for those looking for protection from infectious disease, mold, dust, pollen and other airborne particles. Face masks have an added advantage: they remind people to keep their hands away from their nose and mouth, a major source of the spread of infection.

Remember, respirators are only one small way to prevent the spread of disease. Here are our suggestions for staying healthy during an outbreak.

  1. Avoid close contact with people, whether they appear sick or not. Often flus are highly contagious before symptoms start to appear so in the more serious situations – consider quarantining yourself from as many other people as possible.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly and often. Always use warm water and soap where available.
  3. Learn to stop touching your face. The transfer of germs from your hands to your mouth, eyes or nose is a common way of contracting an illness.
  4. Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with germs like the flu.
Another popular use for the N95 mask is as a personal protection system against debris and dust that could flood the air during a natural or manmade disaster. For example: in a situation where a building has collapsed, building materials, electronic equipment, and furniture can be pulverized and those toxic particles disperse through the air. While you are fleeing the area, using a N95 mask will protect your lungs from harmful dust.

These masks are one time use and make an inexpensive addition to your survival preparations.

Xcaper Fire Mask

House fires pose an enormous risk to you and your family. Structure fires are one of the most common emergencies a family can face. Just as you practice fire drills and install smoke alarms to prepare for the worst, stock an Xcaper Fire Mask for each member of your family.

Smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death in relation to fires. Smoke inhalation occurs when you breathe in the products of combustion during a fire. The smoke is a mixture of heated particles and gases from everything around you burning. These burning materials can result in the formation of chemicals in the smoke that cause direct injury when they contact your skin and mucous membranes, disrupting the normal lining of the respiratory tract. This disruption can potentially cause swelling, airway collapse, and respiratory distress. Examples of chemical irritants found in smoke include sulfur dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen chloride, and chlorine. The Xcaper Emergency Mask will reduce the inhalation of smoke and associated poisons. While death is the most extreme result of smoke inhalation, it can also cause shortness of breath, hoarseness, a persistent cough, inflammation of the throat and lungs, headaches and a confused mental state. Your best option is to prevent inhalation with a reliable mask like the Xcaper Emergency Mask.

The revolutionary Xcaper Emergency Mask delivers unparalleled protection by absorbing hazardous toxins including Carbon Monoxide and nearly 100% of particulate matter common to smoke from fires. The moisturizing agent, an all natural plant extract, makes the mask feel moist to the touch, and allows for easy breathing.

The Xcaper smoke mask/filter uses a combination of mediums to filter gases, vapors and particulate matter. Specially formulated material inside the pillow-like filter traps particulates and absorbs gases and vapors before they reach the mouth and throat. Breathing remains free and easy while wearing the Xcaper smoke mask as throat and lung tissues are protected. The elements used are negatively charged polystyrene beads and an all natural plant extract. With this combination of elements, the filter captures particulate matter, which carries a positive charge by attracting it to the negatively charged beads. In addition, the stickiness of the gel also traps the particulate matter so it won’t reach your mouth and lungs.

This mask is commonly used to evacuate fires in homes, high rise buildings, subways or just about anywhere. It has also been used where large scale wildfires have caused a smoking out of residential areas to prevent breathing problems. In fact, this product is used by firefighters and other professionals which tells of its quality standing. Unopened, the Xcaper Smoke Mask lasts up to 5 years in storage. The Xcaper Smoke Mask Kit should be stored in a convenient place for quick access in the case of a fire emergency. Once removed from the vacuum sealed foil bag, the mask becomes activated and will give you 20-30 minutes of protection against a smoke filled area. This is perfect for storing in your home or office in case of emergency.

In the unfortunate case of a fire emergency, the first thing you should do is put on your mask. Then you should get low and escape the fire as quickly and safely as possible. For the most effective planning, ensure you have fire masks available in all major living areas of your home or office.