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Locating Earthquake Survivors Roll And Go Disaster Survival Kit

Earthquakes are among the most destructive and damaging of natural Locating Earthquake Survivorsdisasters. When buildings collapse, it is all too probable that people will be trapped beneath the rubble. The earthquakes in Haiti and New Zealand warn us of how quickly and unexpectedly earthquakes can happen. If you have any warning of an earthquake whatsoever, get yourself and your family outside as quickly as possible, and away from buildings or trees. However, if you are inside during an earthquake and the building does collapse, you should act quickly to free yourself and family members.

Assess Your Condition

Hopefully, if you w
ere inside when the earthquake
struck, you quickly got into the ‘Triangle of Life’ next to a sturdy piece of furniture. If your family has been instructed in this procedure, it may be that they are either unhurt or have sustained only minor injuries. You must first make an assessment of your own condition before you are able to help others. Although you may be somewhat stunned by the circumstances, try to decide if anything hurts, if there is any bleeding, and if you can move all your limbs.

If you are in reasonably good shape, you can try to extricate yourself from the rubble. Be very careful while doing this, and if things begin to shift, stop moving – you might bring more of the building down onto yourself. However, if you are able to get out, try to locate family members. Call out loudly and listen for replies or crying. Children will be very frightened and may cry even if they have not been hurt.

Family members who are near the surface can often be helped out, but do this carefully in order to prevent more collapse. Sometimes, it will be impossible for rubble to be removed without heavy equipment, and in this case you will have to wait for emergency services. Stay near trapped family members and talk to them to try to keep them calm. If possible, pass water and food to them.

Helping Neighbors

If you and your family are all right, and everyone has been able to get out, then it is time to turn some attention to the needs of your neighbors. The elderly, children, and sick people will require more help during this time, even if not trapped in debris.
First Aid Bag
Neighbors who have family members still trapped in a collapsed structure will appreciate any help you can give them, particularly help in digging out anyone caught inside. Be sure to call out loudly to attract the attention of
those trapped, and if you have a dog, even one that has not been trained for rescue work can come in handy in locating people. A dog’s hearing and smell are much more acute than ours, and a dog can often locate people too badly injured to answer a call.

Your first aid kit can be used to treat the minor injuries of your neighbors, too, and any knowledge you have of how to treat more serious injuries can be important as well.