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Lighting In A Disaster

When a disaster wipes out your utilities puts everything in darkness, being able to illuminate your environment can be a matter of survival depending on your own circumstances. The lighting that we normally depend upon to function at the turn of a switch will be useless. Lighting is very important in the wake of disaster, especially if you have a wounded family member in your party who requires attention around the clock, and is also needed for your own well being. Cutting down on the stress of searching for items in the dark will conserve your own energy, which will be heavily taxed in a disaster scenario. a number of alternatives to electrical lighting. A gas-powered generator is a great solution, but what if it's no longer an option due to ruined household wiring? Lanterns, flashlights, and smokeless candles would be a good to have on hand as a back up plan.

Two needed items are better than one, especially if they are combined, and require no batteries. This is a hand-crank generated combination that charges up the power needed to operate the item without the fear of run-down batteries. The 5 LED flashlight has a bulb life of eighty-thousand hours. If you seek only a flashlight with the same illumination and power, the Super Bright Dynamo with 5 LED is also hand-crank generator powered. Once the unit is charged up, it will provide ten minutes of use.

Conventional battery-powered flashlights are also a good investment. A six-volt battery powered flashlight will provide the candlepower needed to illuminate your environment for your immediate needs. Other options are smaller flashlights that are solar-powered, or feature chemical resistance and superior illumination with Zeon-gas bulbs.

Another item for illumination needs is the X-Glow Cree Rechargeable Torch. This comes with recharging devices for use with indoor AC, or an automotive DC cigarette lighter. It features Lumens of lighting, and has a "contortion" torch head allows for a range of projection angles, and a maximum eighteen hours of burn time when used on its lowest setting.

For stationary lighting where a minimum of illumination is needed, consider StanSport Slow Burn Emergency Candles, StanSport Survival Candles, and StanSport 120-hour cangles. Stansport also offers waterproof matches. which would be useful in lighting candles, campfires, or signal fires, too.