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LDS Food Storage

LDS Food Storage

It is one of the most important beliefs of the Church of Latter Day Saints, Mormons, that every family should have an LDS emergency food storage supply. This belief was founded on Biblical teachings that people should “prepare every needful thing”, meaning that the necessities of life should be available regardless of conditions. Originally, this was to help prepare against the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, but has since be modified to some extent to encompass what might be termed commonplace emergencies and disasters. Being prepared with enough food to prevent hunger when a crisis has occurred is an excellent concept and can be followed by non-Mormons as well as LDS.

How Much Should You Provide For?

During the 19th Century, Mormon leaders decided a two year’s supply of food would be adequate to secure against the Second Coming. Over time, this was modified to one year, perhaps as a result of realizing just how much room two years’ worth of food would take up, especially in a large Mormon family. Now, a three month’s supply is recommended as being sufficient. As it is counseled, no one should go into debt to satisfy their emergency food needs, a common sense approach is best. Accumulating the supply over a period of time is quite satisfactory, as long as it is done steadily. While many prepackaged emergency food kits have a very long shelf life, items from the grocery store are generally good for only a year or two and will definitely need to be rotated to make sure the food is still nutritious and safe to eat.

Are Wise Foods A Good Choice?

Wise Foods are an excellent choice when you are putting together an emergency food supply. It is quite possible to purchase your supply all at once, as supply kits for one or two years are available. If you are hesitating because of the cost of such a large amount of food all at once, you can also purchase Wise Foods in individual packets, allowing you to accumulate what you need without stressing the family budget.

Wise Foods are freeze-dried, complete meals in a wide range of recipes. They are so good that you might be tempted to eat them every day, but save them for when you really need them. As they have a long shelf life, you will not have to worry about rotating them.

If you buy Wise Food in buckets, you will be pleased at how convenient these are for storing the meals in. Lightweight and easy to carry, the buckets will keep your food safe until you need it. It is simplicity itself to flip open the lid, take out however many meals you need, then snap the lid shut again.

Keeping Your Wise Foods Safe

Wise Foods have a shelf life of 25 years, but it is important that they are stored correctly to get the maximum usage out of them. The best place to store these foods is in your basement, where the temperature will be cool and even. Do not store these foods in the attic, garage, or a shed, the high temperatures that will be found in these locations will significantly shorten the shelf life to a few years or even months. A little care will assure that your Wise Foods will be there when you need them.