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LDS 72 Kit And Preparedness

lds 72 kit and preparedness

One of the important philosophies of the Mormon Church, the Church of Latter Day Saints, is to have an adequate supply of food on hand to meet any possible emergencies or disasters. This spirit of preparedness extends to having a suitable 72 Hour Kit available at all times for when it might be needed. This is not meant to be a long term solution to a difficult situation, but is meant to see you through the first critical three days following an ‘event’. Generally, emergency services will respond to disasters within hours, but sometimes distance and the impossibility of entering the affected zone will make it impossible for help to reach you immediately. The LDS 72 Kit will help you to survive until conditions are returning to normal.

What Is In The Kit?

Everything you will need to survive for 72 hours is contained in a backpack, making it easy for you to just grab it when you need to. Water and food are among the most important things needed during an emergency, and the LDS 72 Kit, will help you with this. The kit contains 3 packs of water and 50 water purification tablets, so that you will be assured of having safe water to drink. Four Nutritional bars, each containing 2,400 calories (a day’s supply) are included in the kit. A first aid kit will handle minor injuries and emergency blankets and ponchos will help keep you warm, as will the emergency tent.

One very handy item in the kit is the ‘5 in 1 Survival Whistle’, which not only contains the obvious, but also a mirror, compass, kit for starting fires, and waterproof container. There is also a packet of 50 waterproof matches in the LDS 72. There are even more items in the kit, all chosen carefully to provide you with the best way to survive the first three days after a disaster.

Can’t You Make Your Own Kit?

It is certainly quite possible to make your own 72 hour kit. However, contrary to what you may believe, it will actually be cheaper to buy the LDS 72 Kit than to collect all the components separately. A great deal of thought has gone into assembling this kit, and survival specialists have made sure that everything you need to assure your three day survival has been included. Care has been taken to assure that the food bars will be edible by anyone, there are no nuts included in the ingredients, as allergies to these foods can be serious.

If you were able to locate stores in your area that sold supplies such as these, just think of the time you would have to spend, not to mention the price of gas for your car. Even if you ordered everything over the internet, the shipping costs for possibly dozens of different supply sources would soon push the price of your homemade kit into the stratosphere.

The LDS 72 Kit is fully equipped and ready to go. Save yourself time, money, and frustration by using one of these survival kits.
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