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Additional Items for an Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit Items

Once you have the basics of your emergency kit covered, and have added the tools that will get you out of most uncomfortable situations that you find yourself in during an emergency, you can start tweaking the kit to be better suited to your own personal wishes and situation. Depending on what type of emergency is most likely in your area, you may want to add some specialized items of equipment.

For example, an extra smoke hood if you live in an area where there a lot of forest fires. You could then use the second hood as a backup if the first gets torn, or give it to someone nearby - both to do a good deed, and hopefully to enlist their aid in coping with the survival situation you find yourself in. It never hurts to have an ally when you are in danger.

Some of the other items you might want to include in your emergency kit are:

  • Specialized rescue tools - these are designed for firefighters and other rescue workers, and typically include cutters, glass breakers, and other items that are designed specifically for use in a crisis.
  • An additional flashlight or two - you can get a specialized type, or perhaps just add a second flashlight in case the first gets lost or broken during the emergency.
  • Iodine or other water-purifying tablets - an emergency kit is usually too small and light to include even a filter bottle, but these tablets can ensure that your drinking water will not give you cholera or Giardia. Note, however, that they do not remove chemical contamination.
  • Some energy bars - these are quite small, and being able to get a "hit" of protein and sugar can often boost your survival efforts much more than might be thought from their size. If you are not in immediate peril, eat a couple of them before you start your escape efforts.
  • Some money - a small wad of cash can be a life saver in its own way. For one thing, you can buy stuff once you have escaped the immediate area of disaster. For another, you may be able to persuade reluctant people to help you by offering them some cash - greed is a powerful motivator even against the backdrop of an earthquake or major fire.
  • Survival straw - these tiny water filters come in the form of a rather large drinking straw, and are used in the same way. They are designed to remove not only bacteria, but most heavy metals and pesticides also. They weigh only a couple of ounces and are not much bulkier than a regular straw. If you opt to carry these, bring one for each additional member of your family, as well.
  • A sewing kit, electrical tape, fast-hardening super glue - these can all be of use in repairing or patching various items that you might need.

There are many other possibilities as well, limited only by your imagination and the room you have to carry your selection of small but vital tools.

All of these are purchasable separately, or if you would like you can purchase a survival kit already packed for you. Designed to serve your family during any disaster type, these are great if you are to busy to pick out your kit piece by piece. No matter which way you go, stock up today and feel secure about your families tomorrow.