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Is Creating an Emergency Food Pantry a Good Investment?

Is Creating an Emergency Food Pantry a Good Investment?

The number one concern that most people have about a food pantry is money. It takes a lot of money to build an adequate pantry. Even though there are ways to save money while constructing your pantry, the fact of the matter is that money will be spent. This mere notion is enough to prevent many people from building an emergency pantry, though this is a mistake.

After spending all of this money, you may be asking yourself if a food pantry is actually a good investment. Not only is this an intelligent query, but it is also one that deserves an honest answer. Creating an emergency food pantry is not a new concept, yet history has taught us a lot about the usefulness of storing food.

History Repeats Itself

Throughout time, food has had a way of disappearing. The Great Depression left many plates empty. The Irish Famine left many people without so much as a potato. All around the world, famine is a common theme. Yet, much of the Western world believes that a never-ending store of food will always be available.

If you look at the current cost of food compared with the cost of food, say, ten years ago, you’ll notice a steady increase price-wise. What does this mean? Well, it could mean that food may become very scarce throughout all parts of the world very soon.

Investing in the Future

Spending money on a food pantry right now is the best way to ensure that you’ll have food in the future. If you make every effort to restock, rotate, and repackage food as the days pass, you will find that your supply of food is constant. Some people believe that the food you have in your emergency pantry right now, may someday become more valuable than gold.

Once food has become scarce, people who have this commodity will likely be able to trade it for other goods. Much in the way that money can be used to buy items now, food may be used to buy items in the future. Is food a better investment than gold?

Quite possibly.

Starting Your Food Pantry

While the intent of this webpage is not to incite panic, it is a good idea to begin creating your pantry now. You can begin by purchasing a few different canned or boxed items. Simply place these items on shelves that are dry, away from sunlight, and far from any heat source. As the days pass, make sure to mind expiration dates.

Before you know it, you will have built a large food pantry. Maintaining this pantry is as simple as buying new foods every time you visit a grocery store. As soon as a food begins to spoil, replace that food with a different item. This circle can go on and on for months. An emergency pantry is a true investment. Emergencies of all kinds happen at any given moment. Being prepared for a food shortage emergency will ensure that you can survive when food becomes scarce.