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The first step to getting aid and help to those in need after a catastrophe is establishing order, and an Incident Command Triage Unit kit helps you do so quickly and with authority. This 37 piece kit includes everything you'll need to set up headquarters on the ground. With clearly marked tape with universally recognized colors, the Incident Command Triage Unit will help victims, bystanders and volunteers identify where they should go for information, help and orders.
The complete 37 piece Incident Command Triage Unit Kit includes:

1 - Wheeled Duffle Bag (30'' x 15'' x 15'')

1 - Set of Four Triage Tarps

1 - Command Post - Barricade Tape

1 - Public Information Area - Barricade Tape

1 - Staging Area - Barricade Tape

1 - 50 pack Triage Tags

4 - Brass Whistle w/ Lanyard

4 - Legend Safety Vest

4 - Clipboards
4 - Golf Pencils

1 - Mighty Mega Mite Bull Horn

2 - Commander Walkie Talkies

1 - FM / Weather / Shortwave Radio w/Light

4 - Green 12 hour Light Sticks

4 - Adult Ponchos

1 - NIMS Guide

1 - Incident Command and Triage Book

40 - Pages of Triage forms: (Patient Evaluation, Body Identification, Injury Assessment etc), Triage Instructions, ICS Instructions) and Safety Vest Tags all included in a water resistance folder

This kit includes all of the implements you need to establish a triage unit as well as a comprehensive guide for instructing volunteers on the most effective ways to set up a triage unit. With standardized instructions, this unit will help disparate groups of volunteers collaborate so they can get help to the most amount of people in the least amount of time.