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How to prepare for a Tornado
Tornadoes occur frequently enough.  They can occur at any time of the year but there is a tornado season between April and September, although most occur in June and July. 

Quick Facts on Tornadoes
  • Tornadoes occur most frequently in the U.S.
  • Tornadoes are rotating columns of violent winds.
  • They can displace themselves very quickly, about 44 mph, and destroy everything in their path.  In other cases, they are minimal and touch very few areas.
  • Whether they are large or small, they can uproot trees, toss cars around, and destroy houses and other structures.
  • Tornadoes mainly occur in the afternoons and early evenings but have been sighted at night.

Warning Signs of A Tornado
  • Violent thunderstorms accompanied by lightning and frequent thunder. 
  • A dark sky often with greenish or yellowish clouds.
  • A rumbling or whistling sound.
  • A funnel-shaped cloud usually at the base of a thundercloud, often behind a curtain of heavy rain or hail.
 American System of Tornado Prevention
The government must advise the public when weather conditions can cause a tornado.  They will usually do so on all mediums: radio, TV, Internet, newspapers, and special phone lines.
  • If you live in a region where the risk for tornadoes is elevated, listen to the radio during violent storms.
  • If you learn of a tornado warning in your region, seek shelter and follow the upcoming instructions.