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How Much Can You Reasonably Carry? child emergency kit

In any disaster, relocation may be necessary to avoid a fast-moving storm, or may occur because of habitation loss. Being mobile must be considered in your disaster planning.

how much can u carryScenes of tornadoes, hurricanes and terrorist attacks have made the news in recent years, depicting thousands of people without homes, traveling to relief and safety due to disaster. In your own circumstance, considering portability of supplies is a must, but just how much can be reasonably carried to meet you and your families needs?

Being able to minimize the heaviest of survival needs will be key to your survival, and can be done effectively in reducing the volume of the two main survival needs: Water and food.

Water: Obviously, large quantities of water would be the most difficult to transport. One gallon of water weighs approximately 8.35 pounds. Carrying one gallon on foot for everyone in your family over long distance is next to impossible. However there are survival tools to help with this dilemma. Unless you can return to your drinking water storage regularly, you may need to depend on streams and rivers to meet your needs. However, with this are risks of infection and poisoning.

One tool to consider is the Pure Water 2Go 16 Oz. Water Bottle with Filter. This is a 16 ounce bottle with a level 2 filter which treats up to eighty gallons of water, removing any chlorine and bitter after-taste. It will also remove a significant amount of pollutants, such as heavy metals.

Food: Carrying the required minimum food supply needed for a family unit over long distances may be burdensome in conventional form. In place of solid containers and canned goods, consider buying packages of freeze-dried foods.

Wise Foods and Mayday Industries manufacture packages of T
long term emergency foodhese are available in many varieties, from snack foods to "entree" servings of dishes, such as creamy chicken pasta or stroganoff. With a need to have a minimum of at least three to seven days worth of food for everyone in your unit, this is a portable and lightweight solution that will suit you well. Be sure to write a family meal plan so that you order enough of these products in advance.

Whether it is just you or your entire family, plan out how to pack and carry your supplies effectively amongst your unit. This will help conserve your energy, while reducing the stress of moving from one place to the next over any distance.