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High Rise Building Evacuation

High rise buildings have multiple floors and create situations when a great number of people may have to evacuate the building using stairs. Evacuating some high rise buildings may take up to two hours to complete.

Have a plan and practice it periodically. A plan is no good if the people in the building do not know it exists. Make sure everyone knows where the exits are and how they will be warned.

In most incidents it will be recommended that you not use the elevator. Most new buildings have sprinkler systems to control the fire and allow for evacuation.

People with disabilities that may affect their mobility are advised to wait in designated space until help arrives. This will often be another workspace or a stairwell.

React Take any potentially threatening situation seriously.

Evaluate Judge the level of the threat and consider others who may not have the ability to evacuate alone. Give them assistance if at all possible.

Decide You will need to make a difficult choice based on the information that you have. You need to decide to follow the plan and leave or follow the plan and stay where you are.
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