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Heavy Duty N95 Dust Masks

The Dust Mask N95 is a heavy-duty particulate respirator that is NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Healthy) approved to protect you from chemicals, contaminants and infection. The Dust Mask N95 should not be confused with the basic dust masks that are used for nuisance dusts, such as pollen, house dust, pet dander and other particulate matter in the air. The Dust Mask N95 is an actual respirator which filters out chemicals and has been recommended for protection against avian bird flu.

The Dust Mask N95 is completely maintenance free and has been redesigned with new and improved comfort. The inner foam provides a complete seal and the dual head strap allows you to adjust the mask for optimal fit.

Whether you work in an environment where you may inhale harmful material or you are building an emergency preparedness kit, The Dust Mask N95 is a highly valuable essential. While your first concern will be to escape the source of danger as quickly as possible, you will also want to consider the long term effects that inhaling certain materials - such as gas, asbestos, building materials, smoke and other substances - may have on your health. Some survivors and emergency response teams have escaped seemingly unharmed from a catastrophe only to discover years later that they had been permanently affected by substances that they had inhaled. Don't let this happen to you - when you build your emergency plan, make sure it includes stocking plenty of The Dust Mask N95

Each box of The Dust Mask N95 from Survival-Goods contains 50 dust masks.