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The Flat Fold N95 Dust Mask is a perfect solution for portable emergency preparedness kits. The N95 dust mask is NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) approved to filter out harmful dust, bacteria and other materials from the air. The N95 dust mask is a true respirator mask that goes beyond the protection provided by a typical dust mask which only filters out nuisance dusts, such as allergens, house dust and other irritants. The N95 dust mask is designed to help prevent long term health effects caused by inhaling potentially harmful or toxic materials such as asbestos, viruses and bacteria, smoke and other carcinogens.

The Flat Fold N95 Dust Mask is the same great quality as the regular N95 expect it folds conveniently for easy storage in a pocket, purse or backpack. In use, the N95 flat fold dust mask has an adjustable nosepiece and inner foam seal to provide a perfectly tight fit for all faces. With the mask on you, you can speak and breathe normally and go about normal tasks without hindering your visibility.

We recommend buying a pack of flat fold N95 dust masks to keep as a back up for portable disaster kits (i.e. smaller emergency preparedness kits kept in the car, at the office or in vacation homes). Each box of The Flat Fold N95 Dust Mask comes with 20 masks. Meanwhile, stock up on regular N95 Dust Masks for your main disaster response kit.

We offer volume discounts - so give us a call and as about bulk rate pricing. We'll give you a formal quote and also help you pick out the essentials you need to keep your family, co-workers and yourself safe.