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First Aid Books Can Aid Survival In A Disaster
first aid books can aid survival in a disaster

During and after Hurricane Katrina America and the entire world was treated to the view of a city adrift and helpless. People were trapped in the city for quite some time, and as little medical care was available, injuries and illnesses went untended. If you have some knowledge of how to treat injuries, you will be able to help stabilize conditions and keep those who have been hurt more comfortable until regular medical care is available. Knowing how to treat a deep cut or splint a broken arm is important when there are no medical services. Depending on the severity of the disaster, it is likely that medical services could be unavailable for days or weeks – a long time to lie there with an untreated broken leg.

Build A Library

Rather than depend on only one source for your first aid instruction, you will be best served if you have several books available. Most books have a focus, and information can differ from one to another. If you have children, you might want to include “First Aid for Babies & Children Fast” by DK Publishing. This book handles everything from treating minor scrapes to choking and shock, and is illustrated with photographs to make the procedures easier to understand.
The Red Cross is an emergency medical organization known world wide for saving lives. The Red Cross First Aid Emergency Preparedness Guide is a great handy guide to know what to do during several emergencies and how to maintain an injury while waiting for help to arrive.

The “ACEP First Aid Manual, 3rd Edition” also by DK Publishing is another book you will want to include on your shelf. This book explains how to take care of more than 100 medical problems, from the mundane up to the life-threatening. It covers not only injuries, but also illnesses, and has a section on how to treat stings and bites.

Although perhaps not considered a regular first aid book, “Medicine For The Outdoors” by Paul S. Auerbach is another good volume for your first aid library. When a major disruption to society has occurred, even if you are living in a city (such as New Orleans) you may as well be hundreds of miles from help. Wilderness survival and first aid is perfectly appropriate for people who are facing an emergency or disaster.

An old standby that you should have is the “U.S. Army First Aid Manual” by the U.S. Army. This book was designed to be used in the field by soldiers who were tending the injured and ill before medical help was available. The instructions are clearly presented and line drawings show how to perform the various procedures.

Some Things To Remember

Having these first aid books in your library is an excellent idea, but unless you have some idea how to use them, they will be nearly pointless in an emergency. When you get the books, read through them, and pay special attention to any sections that might be important either to your family or to where you live. There are also great DVD's created to reenact emergencies so that you can see good tricks to keep injury victims calm and take care of wounds when necessary. DVD's are a great alternative to the First Aid Books for those who learn easiest by seeing examples of what you can do. Red Cross First Aid Book
A great guide that includes a lot of useful information during emergencies is the American Red Cross First Aid And Emergency Preparedness Guide. This includes articles, resources and images to learn what you need to do in any situation quickly and efficiently.

Besides becoming familiar with the contents of the first aid books, make sure that you have at least the basic first aid supplies on hand at all times. There are very good premade kits available, which you can supplement with other items that could come in handy, such as Celox, Water Gel Burn Gel, Universal Splint, or QuikClot. Celox and QuikClot are designed to stop heavy bleeding, Water Gel is great at treating burns, and Universal Splint is an easy way to splint a broken limb.