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Fire Resistant Bag

This Fire Resistance Document Bag helps protect your vital documents from being damaged in fires. Important documentation may be one of the last things you think about when providing for your family in the case of an emergency. More immediate concerns likely include first aid kids, food, water and communication. But once the initial chaos has subsided, having your documents on hand and in order will greatly aid you in putting the pieces back together and reuniting your family with its valuables.

The Fire Resistant Document Bag is perfect for holding legal size documents. You can use it to protect passports, property deeds, birth certificates, cash. photos, contracts, emergency contact information and more. While not a substitute for a safe deposit box, the Fire Resistance Document Bag is an excellent supplement to storing valuable documents in places where a bulky box simply doesn't make sense.

Government responses to disasters are not always as smooth and efficient as you may hope - especially when your family is in need. In order to receive benefits from certain programs or rightfully claim your home and other property, you may need to furnish proper documentation. For this reason, it is utterly imperative that you keep your essential paperwork safe. This may mean keeping your originals in a safe, secure place but also keeping certified copies in other places - because you never know where you'll be when the unthinkable happens.

Each Fire Resistant Document Bag is a very small investment - but when you have everything you need to provide for your family after a catastrophe, you'll be extremely glad you thought ahead.