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Create a Family Emergency Communication Plan

Family Emergency Communication Plan

Your family may not be together when a disaster strikes so it will be important to plan ahead of time concerning how you will contact each other. For example, you may be at work and one of your children may be at school. Would your child know how to get in contact with you?

Identify an out-of-town contact. Local phone service may be hard to get whereas long distance calls may be easier.

Make sure everyone has the phone number and a prepaid phone card. Program ICE (in case of emergency) numbers into your cell phone and those of your other family members.

Teach family members how to text message. If a cell call cannot go through, a text message may since SMS uses a different "channel".

Subscribe to alert services. Many communities now have email messaging and text alerts that are automated and send out information about road closings, bad weather and other local emergencies. Many schools have this automated service to alert parents that school is closed.