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Epidemics in North America

Endemic is a disease that exists permanently in a particular region or population. Epidemics In North America

An epidemic is an outbreak of disease that attacks many people at the same time and may spread throughout one or several communities.

A Pandemic occurs when an epidemic spreads throughout the world.
Prepare yourself for an epidemic. A back up of face masks, first aid kits and sanitary kits are essential to ensure the health of you and you're family. Sanitary and hygiene kits usually include products such as toilet liners, extra tooth brushes and wet naps. Hygiene is important to maintain for prevention of H1N1 and many other contagious Diseases. You should also prepare you and your family by educating yourselves on emergency preparedness. A great way of preparing for future epidemics is to read educational guides that include first aid instructions and information on how to stay calm and know what to do during emergencies.

1520    Smallpox                             Mexico

1576     Haemorrhagic fever                        Mexico

1592-1596         Measles                                               Seneca Indians


Smallpox  Massachusetts Bay area

1630                    Smallpox                  Hurons of Ontario

1634                     Smallpox            

Indians living along the Connecticut River

1633    Smallpox Plymouth Colony

1657                     Measles  

Boston, Massachusetts

1687                     Measles                               Boston, Massachusetts

1690     Yellow fever 

New York, New York

1702-1703         Smallpox

New France, Canada

1713                     Measles                               Boston, Massachusetts

1713-1715 Measles

 Indians of New England and the Great Lakes

1714-1715            Measles

 New France, Canada 

1721-1722            Smallpox                             Boston, Massachusetts

1729       Measles Boston, Massachusetts

1733                       Smallpox

New France, Canada

1738                       Smallpox                                             South Carolina

1739-1740 Measles  Boston, Massachusetts

1747                       Measles Connecticut, NewYork, Pennsylvania, South Carolina

1755-1756            Smallpox                             North America

1759       Measles North America

1761                        Influenza           

North America and West Indies

1770s                     Smallpox                             Northwest Coast Indians

1772       Measles North America

1775                       Unknown cause

North America, particularly in the northeast

1780-1782 N.A. Smallpox epidemic                  Plains Indians

1783       Bilious disorder

Dover, Delaware

1788                       Measles

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New York

1788                       Smallpox                                             Pueblo Indians

1793 Influenza and "putrid fever"    Vermont

1793                       Influenza                                             Virginia

1793                       Yellow fever                      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

1793       Unknown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

1793                       Unknown                                            Middletown, Pennsylvania

1794                       Yellow fever                                     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1796-1797 Yellow fever                 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1798                       Yellow fever                                      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1803                       Yellow fever                                      New York

1820-1823            Fever                 United States spreading from the Schuylkill River

1831-1832            Asiatic cholera                                   United States (brought by English immigrants)

1831-1834            Smallpox                                              Plains Indians

1832       Cholera                New York City, Montreal and other major cities

1833                       Cholera                                                Columbus, Ohio

1834                       Cholera                                                New York City

1837       Typhus                                 Philadelphia

1837-1838            Smallpox                                             Great Plains 

1841                       Yellow fever  United States (especially severe in the South)

1847       Yellow fever      New Orleans

1848-1849            Cholera                                                North America

1849                       Cholera                                                New York

1850       Yellow fever                 United States

1850-1851            Influenza                                             North America

1851                       Cholera 

Coles County, Illinois, The Great Plains, and Missouri

1852       Yellow fever United States (New Orleans-8,000 die in summer)

1855                       Yellow fever                      United States

1860-1861            Smallpox                              Pennsylvania

1862       Smallpox Pacific Northwest, particularly the British Columbia Coast 

1865-1873            Smallpox Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, New Orleans

1865-1873            Cholera

Baltimore, Maryland, Memphis, Washington, DC

1865-1873 Recurring epidemics of typhus, typhoid, scarlet fever, and yellow fever

1873-1875            Influenza                             North America and Europe

1876                       Smallpox                              Deadwood, South Dakota

1878       Yellow fever Memphis, New Orleans

1885                       Typhoid                               Plymouth, Pennsylvania

1886                       Yellow fever                       Jacksonville, Florida

1900-1904  "Third Pandemic"                

 San Francisco

1916                       Poliomyelitis                     United States

1918-1920 Spanish  flu

 U.S., Canada, Mexico and Dominican Republic (Worldwide)

1980                        Present HIV/AIDS                 Worldwide

1981                       Dengue Fever                   Cuba

2009                       Present Influenza, H1N1 epidemic (swine flu)

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