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End of the World Tips

If it is the end of the world...

...Tips will not matter

I would like to believe that the end of the world will not occur. There are millions of tips on how to survive a disaster but if it is the end of the world will all those tips really matter? I would like to assume that the world will not end. Predictions run the gamut from apocalyptic disasters that include tsunamis, floods, earthquakes and floods to a third world war.

The end of the world story began with claims that Nibiru or Planet X, a planet allegedly discovered by the Sumerians is headed towards earth. This incident was predicted first in May 2003 but when nothing happened, the date was moved to December 21, 2012. Despite predictions, there was no scientific evidence that it would or wouldn't happen. NASA compared 2012 to Y2K bug in the late 1990s. The long-count period of the Mayan Calendar ended on December 21, 2012 and it was predicted that this was the day that the world as we know it would come to an end. Obviously, it didn't.

Natural disasters will not be the only threats. Mankind will be its own worst enemy and promote destruction through the use of chemical, social, biological, economic, and nuclear warfare. In a drive for power and global dominance you will begin to see the world governments respond to perceived threats from other nations with extraordinary force and excessive aggression. This continuing show of power will lead to a third world war and nuclear destruction in many highly populated areas.

Other wars will be fought in the name of religion and ethnic cleansing. Some will be initiated to oversee a preferred new world order. We will continue to be subjected to both minor and potentially life-altering laws, rules, regulations and religious initiatives. These will be used to keep us preoccupied with day-to-day social, economic and health related issues.

The leaders of our world will play on our insecurities. They will be intensified by deliberately encouraging near chaos in the form of economic and social turbulence. This ongoing volatility will be falsely and permanently adopted through the execution of the perpetual increase of taxes, weakening of human rights and a want to keep us in perpetual debt and in a constant state of insured domestic poverty and unrest.

Do not prepare if you think the world will end but if you do think the world will still be here, as you know it, at least for the rest of your life then pay attention to the tips and prepare for the worse.

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