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Emergency Roadside Kits

Top 10 Items you should have in your car

Whether you are driving across your town, or on a long journey, dangers present themselves in the form of bad weather to a nail that gets stuck in a tire. It is important to be prepared for any such disaster in order to ensure your survival in a car accident, or simply changing a tire.

Helpful items stored in your vehicle to help you in your predicament may be simple, but important to your survival.

Emergency Roadside Kits

The top ten items to keep with you in a vehicular emergency are:

  1. Flashlight: If you are stranded at night, you will need to see what you are doing, especially when changing a tire. It is also good for signaling help, and calling attention to passing motorists.
  2. Distress flag, orange or white in color: Let others know that you are in distress, not temporarily parked. Display this marker by fastening it to your car radio antenna, or tuck one end securely in a rolled-up window where it is visible.
  3. Flares and fluorescent markers: If you are stranded in a dangerous spot, having flares and a florescent emergency marker to set on the roadside will prevent other motorist from running into your vehicle, or yourself.
  4. First aid kit and extras of any important prescriptions: Having bandages and antiseptic for bad cuts and scrapes is important. However, a short drive turned into a time-consuming ordeal can endanger one's health. Ensure you keep prescription medication with you to prevent missing dosages.
  5. Water and non-perishable packaged food: Keeping yourself hydrated, and energized will help you survive the smallest of incidents, especially in extremely hot and old weather. Bring along a container of water and keep non-perishable survival bars in your vehicle, such as the Mayday 400 Calorie Food Ration.
  6. Blanket: Have one stored for every person on your journey. The warmest of days can be followed by the coldest of nights in many areas, and can help comfort an accident victim should they go into shock.
  7. Empty Fuel container: A common cause of stranding is to run out of fuel. Store an empty, approved gasoline can or jug in your vehicle. It is needed to safely carry fuel from a gas station to your vehicle. tool kit
  8. Tool kit: Small tool kits containing wrenches and screw drivers are handy for those who have knowledge of the working parts of a car, or simply to replace a tail light. Keep one stored in your vehicle.
  9. Emergency Tire Inflating Aerosol:  If your tire is not separated from the rim, keeping a can of this on board can help you get out of a dangerous spot, or a few miles closer to professional help if needed.
  10. Battery jump cables: Another common cause of trip interruption is a drained starting battery due to something as simple as forgetting to turn off a vehicle's headlights. Keep these stored in the event that a rescuing motorist stops to help, but doesn't have a set of their own.